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Where can I buy a Fenech Guitar in Australia?

The best place to get a Fenech Guitar is through one of our dealers. Follow this link to view a list of our dealers across Australia. www.fenechguitars.com.au/dealers/. If there is no one in your area please contact us directly through our chat bot below or at so we can assist you further.

How much do Fenech Guitars cost?

The best place to see our prices is on our Browse Acoustic Range page. All prices can be viewed on that page.


What scale length is my Fenech Guitar?

The scale length of your guitar is depenant on the model you have purchased.

  • Auditorium, Grand Auditorium, D78 and Jumbo guitar are a 25.34″ scale
  • D75 is a 24.75″ scale
  • Stage Auditorium is a 23.5″ scale

Check out the full specification of each model below.

Auditorium – Grand AuditoriumD78JumboD75Stage Auditorium

How do I change the batteries in my Fenech Guitar A1G pickup?

If you purchased your guitar pre June 22 2022 your guitar is fitted with 2x CR2032 coin cell batteries, please watch the video below for instructions on how to replace them.


If you purchased your guitar after June 22 2022. New laws were passed in Australia around the use of coin cell batteries. We chose to move away from coin cell batteries to ensure we met the new safety requirements.

Please look inside your guitar towards the neck block. On the left hand side if you see;

  • a small black battery box your guitar is fitted with a battery pack that holds 4 AAA batteries.
  • If you see a black soft case your guitar is fitted with a 9V battery.

You will need to loosen your strings to access the battery pack.

What guitar strings do Fenech Guitars use? Does the gauge matter, or should I use whatever feels best to me?

Strings are extremely important – All our Fenech models are fitted with D’Addario XS Phosphor Bronze coated strings.


  • Our Auditorium, Grand Auditorium, D78, D75 & Jumbo are fitted with 12-53 Light, Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings (XSAPB1253)
  • Our Stage Auditorium is fitted with 13-56 Medium, Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings (XSAPB1356)

While it’s OK to experiment with different types/brands of strings, to maintain factory performance and specifications we recommend staying with the correct string gauges as above.

Find out more about D’Addario XS Phosphor Bronze strings here D’Addario XS PHOSPHOR BRONZE ACOUSTIC STRINGS 12-53 – Fenech Guitars

Do Fenech Guitars do Custom Guitars? or can I customise a Fenech Guitar?

We offer a full custom guitar option with our Master Built Series. This option is availble through our Dealers. If there isn’t a dealer near you please contact us direct so we can assist you further

View the details on our Master Built Series

We don’t offer customisations on our Standard or Select Ranges.

What do I do if I have an issue with my Fenech guitar?

If you have any questions about your guitar, or are having an issue, you need to contact the store you purchased Fenech guitar from. They are there to help in any way they can. Here are a list of the dealers to help find their contact details www.fenechguitars.com.au/dealers/ 

Does a Fenech Guitar come with a hard case?

Every one of our Fenech guitars come with a Hardcase accross both the Standard & Select Range.

The type of Hardcase is dependant on the model

  • Branded Fenech TKL Concept Case: Auditorium, Grand Auditorium, D78 and D75. more details>>
  • Branded Fenech TKL Plywood Case: Jumbo
  • SKB Mini Acoustic Guitar Case: Stage Auditorium


Does my Fenech Guitar come with a pickup? Can I get a different pickup installed?

All our guitars come with a Fenech A1G pickup.

Fenech Branded – Double A1G Acoustic Guitar Pickup System

The A1G is designed specifically for the size, shape and sound of acoustic guitars. The Soundhole controlled Preamp is designed for sonic clarity, simple installation and preservation of your instrument. The A1G is a single channel flexible Piezo pickup and the system features a Soundhole mounted preamp with rotary controls for Bass and Treble. The A1G is an active system and delivers a high output and wide dynamic range.

  • USA made Piezo under saddle pickup
  • Active system
    (2 x CR2032 batteries included pre June 2022 or 9V battery pack)

It was important to us that we chose a pickup that was non-intrusive and didn’t modify the sound of our guitars when the are not being used. We focus on making the best sounding guitars, the pickup is included free thoughout our entire acoustic range.

The beauty of our pickup is that it can easily be removed, by a guitar tech of your choice, and replaced without any damage to your new Fenech. We do not install different pickups at the factory.

If you are ordering one of our Master Built guitars, you can request not to have one installed.

How do I know what is covered under Warranty for my Fenech Guitar?

All our warranty information can be found here Warranty – Fenech Guitars

Do Fenech Guitars do repairs?

No sorry we no longer do repairs at our workshop. 

Do Fenech Guitars sell OM guitars?

At Fenech we pride ourselves on our unique shapes. We don’t sell other manufactures shapes/models. However, our Auditorium is similar in size to a traditional OM guitar. Our Grand Auditorium is also popular to those that like the OM style guitar. Please find details of both these models here

Auditorium – www.fenechguitars.com.au/fenech-acoustic-guitars/auditorium/

Grand Auditorium – www.fenechguitars.com.au/fenech-acoustic-guitars/grand-auditorium/

Do Fenech Guitars build a Dreadnought Guitar?

Yes, we have two dreadnought models.

The D78 is our standard dreadnought and is available throughout all our series and the D75 is available in our vintage series only. All the details can be found in the following links.

D78 Model – www.fenechguitars.com.au/fenech-acoustic-guitars/d78/

D75 Model & Series Details – www.fenechguitars.com.au/fenech-acoustic-guitars/vintage-series/


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