Meet the Luthier

In a small purpose built workshop meters from Australia’s Gold Coasts famous surfing beaches is where you will find Aaron Fenech, a skilled craftsman and luthier who handcrafts some of the finest guitars that are both visually and acoustically unique!

Humble beginnings:

Aaron completed his first apprenticeship in 1997 in automotive refinishing before he set out shortly after to complete qualifications in carpentry  after developing a desire to work with all things timber.  Always one striving to find his passion Aaron’s commitment to change and evolution lured him towards going to university to pursue a Science degree and in 2003 Aaron graduated with a Bachelor of Science after studying units in environmental science, oceanography and material science and engineering; fields akin to his passions of surfing and music. After many years professionally employed in these fields Aaron’s passions of surfing, music and art with his combined trade skills and knowledge attracted Aaron to the ‘art of guitar making’.

Aaron’s skills and knowledge in guitar making continued to develop over many years from building and repairing guitars and from his time spent studying with some of the finest master luthiers in Australia who are renowned nationally and internationally for their experience and passion to create beautiful and innovative guitars! With this solid tutelage in the traditional art form of acoustic guitar building, Aaron officially launched Fenech Guitars in 2016 and shifted his focus to further his training in more modern advancements such as modal tuning to optimise particular resonant frequencies.

His focus and training in these modern aspects has enabled him to blend both traditional and modern techniques to purposefully define the voice of his guitars which have become renowned for delivering exceptional ‘tone and volume’. Fenech Guitars are quickly gaining recognition as being some of the finest Australian made guitars and have been purchased by some of Hollywood’s renowned celebrities and are played by some of Australia’s highest selling artists!

Aaron Fenech

Aaron Fenech




Our Guitars

We utilise traditional looking yet re-dimensioned guitar shapes with exceptional playability to suit a variety of guitar playing styles from the strummer through to the finger picker. Our guitars are individually hand-made, individually voiced by carving each internal brace and painstakingly finished to the highest standards with no compromises.

Australian Sustainably Sourced Timbers:

Although we appreciate and respect other traditional makers and the timbers they have used for generations; we have chosen to primarily use sustainably sourced Australian tone woods to hand make our high-quality guitars!

We scour the country side sourcing and discovering some of the finest Australian tone woods and are even pioneering the commercial use of alternative soundboards such as Silver Quandong (a fast species which can yield trees large enough for soundboards in as little as 25 years) to ensure our guitars continue to deliver exceptional tone whilst looking visually striking inspiring the player!



Fenech Guitars is home to the 'Gold Coast Guitar Making School'.  Offering casual, 2 week intensive and 10 week Saturday courses in acoustic guitar building on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Students will learn every aspect of the process from start to finish and will build their very own guitar during the course. We provide a fully equipped workshop full of tools, forms, moulds and jigs.

Courses run all year long, but there is limited space, so make sure to book now. You will work along side Aaron who will teach you the principles of guitar making. You will follow the Fenech guitar building process step-by-step. After successful completion of the course,  you will have a high quality hand made guitar made for you, by you – how cool is that?  ”A true One of a Kind”.

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