Fenech Guitars Bending Machine

$580.00$680.00 inc. GST

Although this bending machine appears similar to other designs found in America, we have gone back to the drawing board at Fenech Guitars and designed a bending machine that we use daily in our custom guitar shop.

  • The machine is constructed from high quality MDF on a precision cnc router. The major differences with our machine are the following;
  • Each bending pattern has its own individual centre caul which is a major improvement as no two guitar waists are the same. This makes for a very accurate bend.
  • Each bending pattern is made from laminated cnc cut MDF panels. This means no unwanted rippling or creap during a bend.
  • The cut-away ram has a double fix point to locate the exact angle for the cut away bend (please talk to us about custom designing for each or any bending pattern chosen)
  • Quality veneer press handles and high quality hardware
  • Solid base for clamping to your bench
  • Bending patterns are offset for a 2mm thickness to ensure the fit is just right!
  • Our bending patterns perfectly match our guitar forms (guitar forms available for purchase and custom forms can be made)

NOTE: Metals slats used for bending in pic not included.


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