At Fenech Guitars we are passionate about the ‘art of guitar making’.

Our precision and attention to detail in every aspect of the guitar making process can be appreciated in the individuality of each and every guitar we create.

Across our range of Fenech Guitars we ensure that our no compromise approach is maintained to ensure each guitar exhibits the, volume, tone and playability we have built our reputation on.

Our range of guitars are unique in the sense that we offer short runs of handmade guitars using premium tone woods across a small but distinguished range. This approach allows us the flexibility to source and utilise the very best tone woods from across Australia and internationally, in small batch quantities, giving the customer a greater tonal selection.

Our Guitars

We utilise traditional looking yet re-dimensioned guitar shapes with exceptional playability to suit a variety of guitar playing styles from the strummer through to the finger picker. Our guitars are individually hand-made, individually voiced by carving each internal brace and painstakingly finished to the highest standards with no compromises.

Australian Sustainably Sourced Timbers:

Although we appreciate and respect other traditional makers and the timbers they have used for generations; we have chosen to primarily use sustainably sourced Australian tone woods to hand make our high-quality guitars!

We scour the country side sourcing and discovering some of the finest Australian tone woods and are even pioneering the commercial use of alternative soundboards such as Silver Quandong (a fast species which can yield trees large enough for soundboards in as little as 25 years) to ensure our guitars continue to deliver exceptional tone whilst looking visually striking inspiring the player!