Fenech Guitars are hand crafted with the utmost care and precision by Aaron Fenech.

His precision and attention to detail in every aspect of the guitar making process can be appreciated in the individuality of each and every guitar he creates. His focus and teaching in these modern aspects has enabled him to blend both traditional and modern techniques to purposefully define the voice of his guitars which have become renowned for delivering exceptional ‘tone and volume’.

There are two standard shapes, each sized specifically for varied needs;

OM (orchestral model)

GS (grand symphony model)

(Please note a custom made shape can be designed to suit your personal preference upon request).



OM (Orchestral Model)


Soundboard: Engelmann Spruce

Back & Sides: West Australian Wandoo

Neck: Queensland Maple (flamed), Gidgee headplate with custom inlay design

Fretboard: Black Mulga

Bridge: Black Mulga

Bindings: Tasmanian Blackwood (flamed)

Inlays:  Camphor Rosette, black white black purfling

Bracing: Engelmann Spruce 

Hardware: Bone nut and saddle, Select Gold Gotoh Hardware (others optional)

Price: POA

(premium hardcase incuded)







GS (Grand Symphony)


Soundboard: Australian Bunya Pine

Back & Sides: Australian Cooba (native willow)

Neck: Queensland Maple

Fretboard: Gidgee

Bridge: Gidgee

Bindings: Mulga

Inlays: Cooba and Maple Rosette, purfling

Bracing: Select Bunya Pine

Hardware: Bone nut and saddle, Select Gold Gotoh Hardware (others optional)

Price: POA


OM (Orchestral Model)


Soundboard: Sitka Spruce

Back & Sides: Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras

Neck: New Guinea Rosewood (heavy figure), Gidgee headplate with custom inlay design

Fretboard: Black Mulga (bound with Tasmanian Blackwood)

Bridge: Mulga

Bindings: Tasmanian Blackwood (flamed)

Inlays: Custom Sassafras Rosette, black white black purfling

Bracing: select Sitka Spruce

Hardware: Bone nut and saddle Select Gold Gotoh Hardware (others optional)

Price: POA

(premium hardcase included)






Timber Selection

Timber selection for an acoustic guitar is not only important to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal but is also essential in creating the unique tone that you desire from your instrument. The most important of these choices is on the soundboard as this will have most influence on your guitar’s tone.

Traditionally the timbers used for soundboards are varieties of Spruce. Whilst Fenech Guitars uses select spruce species such as Sitka, Engelmann and Lutz, Australia also produces several alternate species for soundboards that produce excellent results. Species such as King William (Billy) Pine, Bunya Pine, Huon Pine, Celery Top Pine and Western Red Cedar are all Australian native timbers that can make Master Grade tonewoods suitable for soundboards.

Fenech Guitars also use a large selection of AAA and Master Grade tone woods for the back and sides and all will create their own unique sounds. Our personal collection of these fine sets is available for customers to select from in consultation with Aaron Fenech when designing your custom guitar. All tone woods are hand selected, density tested and then perfectly quarter sawn to thickness specified using the latest in innovative design.

Fenech Guitars predominantly use Australian tonewoods for backs and sides due to their unique quality characteristics! Species such as Tasmanian Blackwood, Cooba (Native Willow), Western Australian Sheaok, Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras, Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle, Tasmanian Myrtle, Queensland Maple and Jarrah are all available, however stock levels can vary from time to time for these beautiful figured timbers.